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A former colleague and I both taught at the same school, not once but twice during my teaching career, so it was apparent to my students that we had a great relationship. As a teacher, you often share information about your life with your students so I revealed to my darling kindergartners that I have a twin sister. Not too many days after, a couple of them approached this co-worker and asked her if she was the twin sister I frequently spoke of? She smiled, then chuckled before breaking the news that she was not my twin. Well, here’s the thing. She’s Caucasian and I’m African American. However, it never crossed their minds that this difference disqualified her from quite possibly being my twin.

Now, take a moment to look at this picture?

What do you see? I see two beautiful humans who appear to be about the same height, same age, with a similar stoic look on their faces as they intently stare in the same direction possibly even focused on the same issue.

And yet the world can look at them and see the obvious physical differences and then choose to make assumptions about the unknowns. But why does it have to be this way?

To assume one is probably a menace to society and the other isn’t, is just as obnoxious as assuming one has the ability to create a product that could change the world but the other doesn’t!

Why can’t we look at others with intentional acceptance of who they are- gifts, talents, areas of needed growth, and all? Why can’t we look with hopeful hearts to their bright futures with a non-judgmental attitude concerning their past? Why don’t we choose to think well of, and embrace people for who they are?

We can acknowledge that although we ARE different, those differences make us unique, special, even peculiar people with great purpose and incredible abilities.

Can I implore you today to not look at the outward appearance and create a narrative of your own, but to choose to acknowledge others as human beings who should have equitable practices afforded to them on the basis of their humanity? That my friend will lead to true equity.

And Just in case you were wondering, her is a picture of me and my beloved former colleague, Tricia.

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