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When the word “EQUITY” is mentioned, it is often accompanied by one or more of the following feelings:

Discomfort- Why? Conversations about equity can quickly turn into a blame game or a heated discussion about the number of inequities that exist in our world and who's to blame. Unfortunately, it can become a time where one people group is pitted against another and the thought of unity is far-fetched.

Anger-Why? Those who have been on the receiving end of inequitable practices often feel angry that they were allowed to be treated in an unfair way. The deep wounds to their souls constantly serve as a reminder of the inequitable treatment they have endured. They find it difficult to invest hope in the change they know needs to take place in our society.

Lack of understanding-Why? There are so many perspectives out there about equity that many often give up on truly understanding what Equity really looks like. This contributes to a lack of knowledge about how to implement equitable practices into their daily lives and environments.

Excitement-Why? Those like me find the word equity an opening, an opportunity to passionately converse and then do something about the inequities that exist; To remind others that every human life has value and purpose. The more we realize this, the sooner we will do what it takes to make the world a more equitable place for everyone.

Conversations about Equity don’t have to be what they have turned into! They can and should be a welcomed occasion for us to engage in meaningful discussions, in order to identify what needs to change and to begin doing the work to make it happen!

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