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Equity Lens Consultants delivers services that are highly relevant and tailored to meet the distinct needs of diverse organizations. We take pride in our balanced approach that ensures everyone is part of the solution.


We aim to help businesses, schools, organizations, churches, and community groups to create equitable and thriving spaces for all. 





in Education

  • Coach Classroom Teachers on Equitable Teaching and Relational Practices: This involves working closely with teachers to develop their skills in providing equitable instruction and building positive relationships with students. This would include techniques for differentiating instruction, addressing diverse learning needs, and fostering a supportive classroom environment.

  • Host Equity Workshops For School Leaders and Staff: Workshops can provide a space for educators and administrators to learn about the principles of equity, share experiences, and collaborate on strategies to create inclusive learning environments. These workshops would cover equitable teaching and relational practices.

  • Equity Coaching For Principals and School Staff Focused On Developing Cultural Competence: Cultural competence involves understanding and valuing the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students and their families. Providing coaching and training to school leaders and staff can help them become more aware of their own biases and develop the skills to effectively navigate cultural differences.

  • Build Capacity Within Schools By Training Site-Based Equity Leaders: Help to establish equity leadership roles within schools can help sustain the efforts towards equity. These leaders would continue to promote and implement equitable practices, monitor progress, and provide ongoing support to educators.


in the Marketplace

  • Coach Business Owners, Leadership Teams, and Employees on Equitable Practices: We tailor coaching sessions to address specific challenges and opportunities and we provide practical examples to illustrate the benefits of equitable practices. We also provide actionable strategies for integrating equity into the company's mission, policies, and operations.

  • Help Leadership and Employees Grow in Cultural Competence: Develop training programs that foster cultural competence. This involves understanding and appreciating different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds.

  • Host Workshops on Various Equity Topics: Develop engaging workshops that address specific equity-related topics. Use interactive activities and discussions to encourage participation and learning. 

  • Tailored Solutions: Every organization is unique, so we customize our approach based on your specific needs. 

  • Measure Impact: This could involve post-event surveys, follow-up consultations, or tracking improvements in equitable practices.

  • Continuous Learning:  We will hold follow-up sessions or resources to help sustain and build upon the progress you make.



 in theChurch

  • Equity Analysis of Church Operations: We collaborate with church leaders to analyze how various aspects of the church's operations promote or hinder equity. This can encompass areas like leadership roles, decision-making processes, programming, and community engagement.

  • Equity and the Gospel: Explore the connections between the principles of equity and the teachings of the Gospel. This can involve discussing passages and teachings that emphasize love, compassion, justice, and the equal worth of all individuals.

  • Building Cultural Competence: Offer training to help leadership teams and church members develop cultural competence. This involves understanding and appreciating diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences.

  • Equity Workshop or Seminar with a Biblical Focus: Create workshops that bridge the gap between equity and the teachings of the Bible. Discuss biblical passages that relate to justice and equity


Lens Cafe


Lens Cafe

  • Event Purpose: An "Equity Lens Cafe" is an event hosted by Equity Lens Consultants that aims to facilitate in-depth discussions, learning, and training on equity-related issues in a very informal setting.

  • Format: The events include a combination of two main elements: perspective-shifting conversations and meaningful equity training.  Participants engage in discussions that may challenge their perspectives and enhance their understanding of equity, alongside receiving practical training on equity-related matters.

  • Impactful Conversations: The conversations that take place during these events are powerful and have the potential to transform participants' viewpoints. These discussions are intended to promote awareness and personal growth.

  • Equity-Mindedness: Equity Lens Consultants are dedicated to fostering equity-mindedness among all humans.

  • Tailored Approach: Each "Equity Lens Cafe" event is customized to cater to the specific needs of different audiences. Whether it's school leaders, business owners, community members, or individuals in leadership roles, the events are designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each group.

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