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Serving business owners, school leaders, organizations, churches and community groups with quality, relevant equity resources.





in Education

  • Coach Classroom Teachers on Equitable Teaching and Relational Practices.

  • Teach Principals How To Create An Equitable School Culture

  • Host Equity Workshops For School Leaders and Staff

  • Conduct An Equity Analysis For Your School 

  • Equity Coaching For Principals and School Staff Focused On Developing Cultural Competence In Order To Make Teaching Relevant.

  • Build Capacity Within Schools By Training Site-Based Equity Leaders



in the Marketplace

  • ​Group Presentations On Equity And Equitable Practices

  • Coach Business Owners, Leadership Teams, And/Or Employees Implementing Equitable Practices.  

  • Consult With Business Owners And Leadership Teams 

  • Help Leadership And Employees Grow In Cultural Competence

  • Conduct An Equity Analysis Of Your Business

  • Host Workshops On Topics Like “The Effects of Racial Tension on Human Success,”  “Dismantling Implicit Biases, Stereotypes, and Assumptions In Order To Be  Equitable in the Workplace.



 in theChurch

  • Virtual and In-Person Training  Workshops

  • Large or Small Group Presentations on Equity

  • Meet with Church Leaders To Conduct An Equity Analysis of Overall Church Operations.

  • Equity and the Gospel

  • Train Leadership Team And Church Members In Building Cultural Competence

  • Host an Equity Workshop or Seminar with a Biblical Focus


Lens Cafe


Lens Cafe

  • Hosted by Equity Lens Consultants, these intimate gatherings are designed to equip people with a deep knowledge of the truth about equity.

  • We engage in both perspective-shifting conversations and meaningful equity training.

  • These powerful conversations lead to the awareness, growth, and empowerment of everyone involved.

  • We are committed to helping all humans be more equity-minded. 

  • Each “Equity Lens Cafe” is tailored to address the specific needs of school leaders, business owners, community members, or anyone in a leadership role. 

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