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The ultimate goal and focus of Equity Lens Consultants is to teach people how to operate in a more equitable way. We believe that true equity is simply doing what’s right and fair for all people. It is necessary to the success of every people group, that we all adopt an equitable perspective.

When equity is deeply embedded into everything we do, we all win!  The implementation of fair practices make for productive, powerful spaces where all people can perform well!

We ​host conferences, workshops, and seminars, offer ​one-on-one consulting and coaching, in order to help your business, school, organization, and church thrive!  We want everyone to experience the benefits of living in a society where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed!
If you are ready to learn more, complete the contact form and let's unite to make the world a more equitable place!

What We Do

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About Us

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Myesha Reynolds began Equity Lens Consultants to shift the current narrative around equity.  She believes that equity is something that applies to everyone, therefore all people are invited to the table to discuss it!  Myesha is confident that if we can unite on a shared belief that equity is the quality of being fair, we can really begin to better understand how to operate fairly towards others.

It is the mission of ELC to shed light on the inequities that exist in society while providing practical and relevant solutions.
Myesha’s deepest desire is to see real equity achieved in every space. She is determined to lead others in developing a solid understanding of equity in order to correctly identify inequitable practices and replace them with equitable ones. 

With a Master of Arts in Education, Myesha is passionate about educating others on this topic. Experienced in addressing problems, investigating root causes, and helping to implement successful resolutions, She truly helps people to grow in their understanding of equity. Myesha believes it is imperative that we no longer allow the word equity to divide us if we want to see real change.

Equity Lens Consultants provides quality and relevant equity consulting and coaching to schools, businesses, organizations, churches, or individuals committed to implementing equitable policies and practices.
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