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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

One of my favorite things to drink is coffee. Now if you ask me how I like it, I will probably say “ a little coffee with heavy cream and sugar!” I know, you too, huh!

The appearance of what starts off as a dark liquid in my mug quickly turns into a light-colored concoction, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m actually drinking a cup of coffee!

The cups of coffee in this picture represent a variety of ways other people like their coffee. You see the basic black to the heavily frothed light-colored cup, which appears to have little to no trace of coffee at all but believe me, it’s there!

No matter the shade of a person, we all have one thing in common: we are all human. All humans have incredible value and great worth. To think any different is outlandish!

Equitable practices ensure that no matter what a person looks like, they are given fair and proper treatment simply because they are human beings. They are a direct reflection of what’s in the heart of a person or the core principles of an organization.

Is there something stopping you from being equitable?

Take some time to reflect on how you think about people of other skin colors. If you are brown, how do you think of those with peach skin? If you are white, how do you think of those with black skin? Aren’t we all human? Aren’t all of our bodies filled with red blood?

Don’t all of the cups have coffee in them?

When we change our hearts, we change our thoughts and then we change our practices, and the world will be a far better place because of it.

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