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making the world a more equitable place


out with the old,
             in with the equitable

Our Mission

At Equity Lens Consultants, our mission is to inspire a world where the unity of the human race prevails, and every individual is embraced, valued, and respected. We firmly believe that hate and division have no place in our shared journey as a global community.  Through compassionate and impactful communication, we strive to reshape the narrative, standing resolutely for what is right and just, and empowering all to be champions of equity. We firmly believe that by embracing the inherent value and dignity of each individual, we can dismantle the barriers that perpetuate inequities.  
Team Building Session

let everything be done with equity in mind

Myesha L Reynolds, Founder

Our primary goal is to empower individuals with the ability to discern between equitable practices and those that perpetuate inequality.  Through our distinctive approach, we aim to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of equity. Myesha firmly upholds the principle that achieving true equity demands unwavering commitment to what is morally right and impartially fair for all individuals. This belief serves as the cornerstone of her work, guiding her in fostering equitable practices and dismantling inequitable structures. Through Myesha's distinct approach and unwavering commitment, we aspire to foster a collective dedication to fairness, honor and respect for all.

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