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making the world a more equitable place


out with the old,
             in with the equitable

Equity Lens Consultants provides quality and relevant equity consulting to businesses, schools, organizations, and churches in order to tear down the barriers that keep people from reaching their full potential.  It is imperative to the success of any group or school, that we all adopt an equitable perspective in order to execute best practices, ensure the success of all students, leaders, and employees. Let us help you see the world through the lens of equity.
Team Meeting

let everything be done with equity in mind

Myesha L Reynolds

With a deep passion for true equity,

Myesha Reynolds is a leading voice in the conversation and work needed to help others grow in their understanding of equity. Her deepest desire is to see everyone operating in an equitable way!  As current systems needs to be radically changed, Myesha is determined to help lead the way!  Her proven track record of success is proof that she was created for such a time as this!  If you spend even two minutes speaking with Myesha, you will be impressed with her authentic and positive approach to this topic. Let Equity Lens Consultants partner with you to make your school, business, organization or church operate more equitably!

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